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Para hacer más accesible el Posgrado Universitario sobre Zoho Creator y para que todo aquel que quiera aprender a desarrollar las aplicaciones a medida que necesita su negocio pueda hacerlo, te recordamos que esta formación es bonificable a través de la Fundación Tripartita!

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Zoho Creator: Reports for decision-making

This week, two online sessions of the Zoho Creator University Degree will be taught.

These two sessions will be on: “Zoho Creator reports for decision-making”

Whether you are a student of this Zoho Creator training or not, we’re sure you are curious about what will be discussed during these sessions. So, here’s a preview of each one of this week’s sessions:

Zoho Creator University Degree: April 2017 class is cancelled


Unfortunately, the edition of the Zoho Creator University Degree starting 28th of April is cancelled due to low enrollment of the students.

According to the requirements of starting the course, it must be enrolled the minimum number of students, which allows to impart this university course.

Therefore, the full amount of paid course fee will be refunded to all those interested who have already reserved their place for this edition. If you are a student, we will contact you in the next few hours via email to provide us with your bank account number to make the refund.


Zoho Creator University Degree & Zoho Creator Workshop

Nowadays there are many people interested in learning how to develop their own applications to meet their business needs. The Zoho Creator Workshops and the Zoho Creator University Degree are two options for those who are seeking training to carry out their own projects with Zoho Creator.

What possibilities are there for those interested in specializing and becoming certified in Zoho Creator?

Which are the differences between the Workshop and the Zoho Creator University Degree?

Why Zoho Creator University Degree?

There are many companies and individuals who want to learn to develop by themselves the applications needed by their businesses and their customers. For all of them, whether they are developers or not… for more details on the content of the next edition of this training, click HERE.