Objetivos: columnas

Our goal for this degree are…

1. To offer specialized knowledge and certification for professionals who have learned about Zoho technology, specifically Zoho Creator.

2. To share knowledge from professionals and university experts and to practice working in a professional business environment.

Achievable goals for the student

  • You will learn to design, plan, monitor and evaluate the life cycle of a project

  • You will learn how to create views of your online applications using HTML programming.

  • You will be trained in the creation and migration of cloud databases.

  • You will be trained to use Zoho applications for completing practical exercises and for finishing your final project.

  • You will learn about Zoho’s programming languageDeluge Script

  • You will be trained  in managing and marketing applications created using Zoho Creator

  • You will learn about APIand integration technologies

  • You will get a University Certificate, qualifying you as a specialist in Zoho Creator