Diego Cutignola


Estudio Cutignola


Richard Davis

Founder & CEO

Tek Textil


Justin Stain



Costa Rica

“I dreamed of my own application”

Using Zoho Creator, you can solve real problems.

Learn how Zoho Creator helped Diego, Richard and Justin imagine all the endless possibilities of solutions they could develop.

Program YOUR OWN APPLICATION. If you have the will to, you can do it!

Meet our Degree

We have no  doubt that there is a growing need to incorporate ICTs to improve the productivity of enterprises. It is also clear that specialized professionals must be trained to support the development and implementation of ICT tools in business situations. Our specialized Degree in Zoho Creator combines INNOVATION, TRAINING, OPTIMIZATION and CREATIVITY. Each part of our class is focused on improving management processes within organizations.

University certification

Get an official university postgraduate Degree from the University of Valencia validating 14.08 ECTS  credits according to the Bologna  process.

Share knowledge

Display your skills and work on our website. Become part of the larger community of Zoho cloud developers.

Multilingual Learning

The campus and the main contents of the course are available in English and Spanish. If you want to attend lessons in other languages you can request to using this LINK

3h/week 3 months

Over the course of three months of weekly sessions you will learn to develop your own applications, from planning to implementation.

International Point of View

Expand your professional connections across the USA, India, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Spain, and other countries.


Online training with live streaming is not limited by time or space. Learn from anywhere in the world, at any time.

The Project

ZOHO CREATOR can be used to manage any type of collaborative business process, whether for-profit or non-profit. For this first edition of the diploma, we have proposed the creation of a real solution, focused on using our application to help a specific community from Buenos Aires.

Their history is one of solidarity, where once a year at Christmas, thousands of “bonairenses” families coordinate to send thounsands of packages to Chaco, a state deep within Argentina.

Our goal is to help to each participant develop their own application to support a similar community initiative.
Want to know more about this challenge and how it works? Read more

Who uses Zoho Creator?

Get inspired by those  who use Zoho Creator. This advanced tool allows you to create solutions for any type of organizations.

Did you know that Hewlett-Packard, IKEA and others manage their processes using applications made in ZOHO Creator?

The twelve modules dedicated to “Marketing Models” will explain this and more.

Jesús Soret

Jesús Soret


ETSE, University of Valencia

The university has an obligation to promote ongoing and continuous learning among current and former students by offering new challenges, new tools and new dreams to achieve.


This postgraduate course is the way to a new world, one with no limits.

José Pérez

Jose Pérez



In 2010 we created our first application in Zoho Creator. It would’ve been a dream to have the opportunity to spread our vision and enthusiasm to the world.


Zoho Creator made us think globally, imagining a world without borders or frontiers.