1. Methodology

Our university focuses on the “student learning process”. We choose “online training systems” because they allow us the flexibility to adapt to the needs of each student.

The basic skills for developing and implementing programs will be taught in this course. Students who invest the most time in the course will get the most out of it.

This class will be taught online and be attended using an online group communication platform.

This course has a practical approach where students will be asked to implement the skills they learn. During the course, students will develop a project on a real context.

By developing a specific solution for real business needs, students will gain practical skills that increase their chances of working with online businesses.

2. The classes

In each course there will be weekly theory and practical sessions on Fridays, from 5pm to 8pm (see the calendar).

This classes will be carried out through a group communication platform where the professor will share the knowledge related to the subject and the students will be able to ask questions about it.

The practical lessons consist on a series of exercises carried out in real time where the students will prove the knowledge acquired during the theory sessions, aided by the professor. At the end, the student will present the deliverable corresponding to the application project that will be carried out during the whole course.


Participation in both practical and theoretical classes requires student preparation using materials available on our e-learning platform.

Both theoretical and practical classes will be recorded for students who can not attend.

Attendance is not required but will help students to keep up with the pace of learning needed to complete the course.

3. The project


The Project will be developed throughout the course. Students will develop a program corresponding to a real business need from a case study. Each week in class, we will work on the current phase of development and prepare for the steps covered the following week. Throughout the week students will participate in discussions on a forum by asking and answering the questions of their colleagues.

Every week students will receive feedback and solutions for each exercise will be published on the forums for them to review. Each student will be able to keep up with the course by making up for any missed classes and getting their questions answered.

4. Grading

The grading system will be determined by evaluating students’ scores from the five requirements of the course:

1. Final questionnaire by subject

2. Practical exercises by subject

3. Participation in different forums that are presented on the Degree

4. Project

5. Work placements

The score on tests one and two is used to calculate the quantitative value of the grade. Requirements three and four will be assessed only if the student passed the tests.