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What can I do with Zoho Creator?

Design and create solutions in web-based tool for managing processes in any organization.

Can I develop a real project during the course?

Yes. During the course you will work on practical exercises to develop a real application

How much time do I need to invest each week?

The course will have one four-hour session per week, which includes theoretical and practical classes. Additional time should be spent preparing for classes and doing the exercises. We anticipate that preparation, classes, and exercises will take around 10 hours/week. Remember that you also have to finish a project that you will present after completing the course. The deadline for the final project will be posted when classes begin.

Is it compatible with the rest of my daily life?

Yes, you should be able to complete the course requirements without interfering your personal and professional life. Online training allows you to participate, study, and receive tutoring at times that are most convenient for you.

What happens if I can not complete the course?

We understand that this is a concern. Our teaching method is designed to help you work collaboratively throughout the course training so you can accomplish your goals. If you need to suspend your coursework, we will try to find a solution for you to still finish your training. Tuition refunds are also available.

How will you help me to develop an online application?

We will help you develop an online application using practical exercises, tutorials, and online forums used throughout the course.

If I have no professional experience can I still pass the course?

Experience is not required. By doing the case study exercises in our course and internships at companies, you can gain the professional experience necessary to become an excellent Zoho Creator programmer.

If I'm not computer specialist or engineer, can I still complete the course?

Zoho Creator is designed for users who do not have previous experience as developers. The important thing is to have the will to work hard at this course and create your own solutions. If you want to learn more, look at these customer testimonials.

How I can convert my ideas into reality?

Through practical exercises and tutorials you can turn your ideas for the design of web applications into a reality. When you are working in a collaborative environment with other people who have similar goals, there’s no limit.

What kind of certificate I will get?

The course offers two types of certifications: a university certificate and university degree. If you wish to obtain the official title of the University of Valencia it will cost an extra 90 € (according to current tariffs at the University).

I still have doubts. Who can I contact?

If you still have doubts and you want to ask a question, please send us a message and we will answer within 24 hours.

Considering that currently the global economy is based on knowledge and information systems and telecommunications, it is of great importance that companies incorporate ICTs (Information and Communications Technology) to improve their productivity and competitive edge.

It is evident that companies need to start investing in new technologies for their management processes.

For companies to achieve this goal, they will need specialized professional teams that understand the creation, development, and implementation of ICT tools that suit their specific needs.

Investment in training and retraining of professionals and managers from all sectors will only increase. And therefore, improvement and optimization of resources and their productivity.

The solution we chose for this specialized degree is Zoho Creator, an ICT tool for process management in organizations. Zoho Creator specializes in building cloud applications for businesses and solutions that fit the needs of your customers.

You can see the potential of Zoho Creator by looking at the testimonials its users have given about how they developed applications to solve real business needs.

In each of the testimonials, customers agree that in order to succeed you need to have a spirit of improvement, the yearning to find solutions, and the need to optimize tedious management processes.