What is going to be taught this week on the Zoho Creator University Degree?

In this post, you can find the calendar of the current edition of the Zoho Creator University Degree. In the calendar you will see that the lesson to be taught on the second week of November is “Forms to data managing”.

This lesson will be divided in two sessions, one on Thursday, November 10th and the other on Friday, November 11th. Want to know more details about what will be discussed in these sessions? Watch the videos for a preview of each one of them.

The Zoho Creator University Degree starts this next Friday, October 28th

calendariogesproz_octubre2016_ingles-02Now comes the so much expected next edition of the Zoho Creator training!

This upcoming Friday, October 28th 2016 is the official start of this year’s Zoho Creator University Degree.

If you click on the image above the calendar of this year’s Zoho Creator University Degree, you will see in gray when each session will streamed live and which subject will be taught in each one of them.

Become a Jedi with Zoho Creator

yoda-zoho-creatorA spacecraft is crossing the outer space and Luke Skywalker is inside with R2D2. Suddenly the spacecraft begins to descend at high speed, it seems to be an engine failure due to overload.

Luke Skywalker starts to desperately press the hundreds of buttons that the spacecraft has, as fast as possible to ascend. When he realizes that it is not working, he looks for a planet where he can make an emergency landing and survive.

Zoho Creator University Degree & Zoho Creator Workshop

Nowadays there are many people interested in learning how to develop their own applications to meet their business needs. The Zoho Creator Workshops and the Zoho Creator University Degree are two options for those who are seeking training to carry out their own projects with Zoho Creator.

What possibilities are there for those interested in specializing and becoming certified in Zoho Creator?

Which are the differences between the Workshop and the Zoho Creator University Degree?

2nd edition of the University Degree on Zoho Creator

Post_DegreeJulioLast February 5th, the first edition of the Zoho Creator University Degree: Design of web tools, for process management within the organization, through Zoho Creator was just starting.

We are very happy to announce that the second edition will start in the month of July.

Why Zoho Creator?

ZOHO creator is a tool that allows you to develop new features for the rest of Zoho tools, communicate with third-party web applications, and develop customized web and mobile solutions.

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